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Since year 1990 all my free time I spent for wolves - I was interested of they live, they dreams and they souls.

Aries is not very big Siberian wolf. He came to my life three weeks old in year 2001. In spite of all difficulties of communication and upbringing he lays hold on heart.  He surprised me everyday by his mentality, his physical power, and his strength of mind. From the other side he is very affectionate, but only with me or when I near by. He is very responsive. If somebody wonted to like him, he always was not against. But he's never forgiven any offences. His dog's attachment to me didn't match to his wolf's nature.  His capability to trainee was against his majestic disposition. Our relationship was really unusual and training very difficult, but I gained his heart and he gave me his completely. Only wolf is can love you so much.  

...After middle of year 2004 I lost possibility to keep Aries in private land and move to the town I had to pass him with hard pain in heart to private nursery by MosFilm (Film Studio). Terms of maintenance there is very good. He can not play roles in the films, but now he has wife Blanca in a lot of children. Until year 2005 I visited him twice per month and every time he meet me with happily hysteric. I made him vaccination and help to his dressers to find contact with him. He became more trust to great dressers Alla and Tatiana. But after he destroyed his place after my leaving - break walls made from thick planking, they asked me do not come anymore.  If he hasn't wife Blanca I would visit him anyway. But he with his great charm could fall in love to him obstinate but very beautiful wolf's female.  Before Aries Blanca refused to 6 pretenders! So as wolf can have only one live I decided do not disturb his anymore. It was better for him do not see me..... 

Exactly because of him and because of my first RR Khan I called my kennel Aries-Khan. And more over, they were really big friends.


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